Meet Herbert: a picture frame illuminated by LEDs with which you can  grow a huge variety of vegetables and herbs vertically on your walls at home. Chili, mint, chives, salads, oregano, basil, parsley, rosemary, strawberries, thyme, and much, much more - Herbert can take care of all your plants. By using an energy efficient LED lighting system you can grow all year round, no matter the weather conditions.

Herbert works without soil and only requires water and fertilizer. By using only water to grow your plants, working with them will be a lot less messy and cleaner. Herbert has a reservoir and is leak proof so you do not have to worry about water in your home.


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Want to go on vacation, have to participate in a conference or if you aren’t at home, don’t worry: Herbert is very easy to maintain and will take care of your plants all on his own. Just fill in water and you are ready to go.

Herbert also doesn’t require a lot of electricty: the pump in the system requires about as much energy as your modem and the LED lighting system requires as much as a good old regular light bulb.