Herbert, a unique vertical farming experience

  • Simple: Semi-automatic; you select the seeds, Herbert does the rest; reminds you when to refill; vacation mode
  • Clean: Patented hydroponic technology; no soil; minimized cleaning efforts and unwanted visitors
  • @Home: All-year production; vertical -> spares your valuable shelf space; optimized for kitchens, living rooms, basements, offices, schools, garages and organic stores


  • Customizable design: Different front finishes for different environments
  • Grows it all: Perfect for lettuces, herbs (basil, mint, majoram etc.), strawberry, chili and tomatoes
  • Productive: 15 growing slots = 4x as many sites as other indoor-farms; 40% higher productivity compared to traditional farming through Ponix LED growing lights
  • Connected: Herbert smartphone app; schedules set-up; web shop

Get a botany class on eye-level


Kitchen Couple Cut Small

Cook healthy, fresh and home-grown

Earth your workplace

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Live in harmony with nature