About us

We are driven by the vision to minimise time, land, water, and energy used in food production. Through our passion for indoor gardening and the digital world, we created the idea of bringing food production directly to your doorstep and make gardening easy with technology and our know how.

We believe that it is necessary to employ promising farming methods like the century old aquaponics and modern hydroponics and combine them with the most recent digital technologies available to establish an urban system of food production in commercial buildings, communities, in schools, and directly at home.

Our path was set: an old, traditional path, equipped with new and modern gear. Very quickly we found more people that want to tread on this path with us. Vigorous, competent, and goal oriented personalities who share the same crazy vision as we do and are enthusiastically and passionately working with us to make this vision happen.

Although agriculture has been part of our society for thousands of years we are treading on a barely reseached area and there are many discoveries yet to be made. Our research is based on finding the optimal composition of light and nutrients to deliver the best results to our customers.

We are bringing innovative, intelligent vegetable farms to the city and to households because there is nothing better than sharing a dinner with friends that you not only cooked yourself but harvested as well!