Herbert  Birch  Violets

Herbertgrows beautiful flowers for you

Herbert Beech Mixed

Grow different plants together

Herbert Whiteboard Basil

Harvest tasty basil whenever you want

Herbert Oak Mixed

From corn salad to giant mustard plants

Herbert Oak Lollo Bionda

Fresh lettuce all year round

Herbert Beech Strawberries

Grow and enjoy strawberries

Vertical farming at home

We are bringing food production directly to your home. With Herbert, our smart indoor garden, everyone can have a vertical farm at home to grow fresh food. The patented hydroponic system facilitates growing and harvesting vegetables, herbs and much more. And the best thing is: you always know what’s in it, since you have it under your own control! Now everyone can easily grow without a garden or a balcony. Simply add seeds to Herbert and he will take care of the rest, regardless of seasons or sunshine!

Simple, Clean, @Home



The only thing you have to do is to refill water and fertilizer when Herbert tells you to and you can watch your plants grow. Easily set the light with the Herbert App on your smartphone.



Since the plants' roots grow in water instead of soil, they are able to directly take up the nutrients from the water. Growing plants without soil dramatically reduces the risk of pest problems and makes harvesting cleaner.



At home or in your office, in your basement, all year round: thanks to our innovative LED light and space-saving vertical farm you can start growing anywhere and anytime indoors, no matter the weather conditions outside.

Who we are

We are a bunch of tech-freaks and urban farmers. Simply put: an enthusiastic team of creators who want to make a difference. Together we are working on and researching vertical farming solutions so that you can grow your own food - simple, clean, and @home. Free from herbicides and pesticides, all year round and with a clear conscience!