Vertical farming at home

We are changing the way our food is produced by bringing food production directly to your home. With us, everyone can have a vertical farm at home to grow fresh food. Our patented hydroponic system facilitates to harvest vegetables, herbs and many more. And the best thing is: you always know what’s in it, since you have it under your own control! Everyone can be a urban farmer with our hydroponic solution - you neither need a balcony nor water to grow your vertical farm at home. You can put it anywhere you want and within a few weeks you can see great results. 

Grow hard or grow home!

We are a bunch of tech-freaks and urban farmers. Simply put: an enthusiastic team of creators who want to make a difference. Together we are working on vertical farming solutions so that you can grow your own food - simple, clean, and @home. Free from herbicides and pesticides, all year round and with a clear conscience!

Simple, Clean, @Home



We minimise effort and maximise harvest through hydroponics. The only thing you have to do is to refill water and you can watch your plants grow. Our smartphone app will guide you through harvesting the plants when they are ready.



In hydroponics, plants don't grow in soil since the plants’ roots are able to directly take up the nutrients from the water. Growing plants without soil dramatically reduces the risk of pest problems, too.



At home or in your office, in your basement, all year round: thanks to our innovative LED lighting solution and space-saving, vertical farms you can start growing anywhere and anytime indoors, no matter the weather conditions outside.

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Our hydroponics and aquaponics systems are equipped with small controllers. They are there to help and assist you with your vegetable producing vertical farm. Sensors monitor vital information on essential waterparameters and tell you how your plants are feeling. We are developing an easy to use, comprehensive plug & play control system to facilitate gardening in your vertical farm and with our smartphone app you will always have your ecosystem under control from near or far. Our controller will also enable you to communicate with other urban farmers. Exchange information on the Internet of Plants, get tips and learn tricks from the professionals, or share your experience and help other enthusiastic growers to maximise their harvest!

Nutrient content optimisation

By conducting tests for specific waterparameters it is possible to know what nutrients are available to the plants and how much of these nutrients are being taken up by them. For different types of plants, different growth stages, and for various combinations of vegetable plants we are able to recommend optimal values of required nutrients. Together with the corresponding light spectrum and other parameters we are able to offer “growth recipes” through which you are able to influence taste and nutrient content.

Hydroponik System Resized
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Plants use sunlight to convert CO₂ into sugar and other organic compounds. With our lighting solutions you are not only not dependant on daylight anymore and require less thereof, with Malina, our adaptive LED, it is possible to change the light spectrum to meet the specific requirements of plants and their different growth stages. Taste, yield, resilience towards pest problems, surface feel, and growth - all these factors can be influenced by using an optimal lighting system!

Vertical Farming

We have developed our own vertical growing modules, which enable you to grow vegetables without soil on your walls. Imagine hanging a picture frame on your wall with the only difference that the picture is being illuminated by our LED lighting module and your work of art is being created by photosynthesis. In the back and not visible, a water vein trickles past the plants’ roots and supplies them with nutrients.

Space saving, insulating, indoor climate improving, scalable, clean